Thermal Imaging

One of the many benefits of doing a residential thermography (thermal imaging) can show the potential of hidden moisture. In these pictures you can see the visible staining and damage to the ceiling. This was because the leak was severe from a clog condensation line from the air conditioning system in the attic above. The leak occurred the day before our inspection and this was quite noticeable without the thermal scan. However if this leak had been a slow and small leak it might not have stained or cause visible damage right away.

 This leak was still saturated with moisture and that is one of the reasons it was visible. If you look at the thermal images you can see that the wettest points are in dark green with the blue to purple and then the orange showing less moisture. You can see that some parts of the ceiling are not showing signs of moisture in the regular picture but in the thermal image you can see that there is some moisture present.